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Business Angels: Giving wings to your business venture

Do you have a plan for launching a profitable new business but lack the funding for the initial investment? Don’t worry. Simply get in touch with a business angel to solve all of your investment problems at one go.

So, who are business angels? They are wealthy businessmen who invest in new businesses and help get those off the ground. However, this is not charity because they will own a percentage of the business they are investing in and will get a share of the profits once the business becomes successful.

Money is not the only benefit you will receive from a business angel. Being successful businessmen themselves, angels will have a good network of clients (or customers) at their disposal. They will use these networks to make your business grow at a rapid pace. They will do it for their own benefit, because the more profits you gain from your business, the more their share will be worth as well.

Getting a business angel to finance your new entrepreneurship is not a very tough job to do. However, you will obviously need to have a good business plan at hand. Remember, the angel will only finance your business if they are convinced of the fact that they will be able to make solid profits from your venture.

One might argue that the business angel can never be sure that a business will be a success. True, but being veteran businessmen themselves, most angels have already developed an instinct to predict which business has the potential to be a success. The rest is just a calculated risk for them.

Getting the help of a business angel is not difficult, especially when you have a good business plan handy. After that, you can simply log on to the internet and do a search on some good websites to find a good business angel. One of the best websites in this regard is, dedicated towards uniting entrepreneurs with business angels. Visit it today!

Global Wealthbuilders Offshore Privacy Club Pre Launch!

Global WealthBuilders Offshore Privacy Club (GWOPC) plans to launch on the 15th April and looks as though it is going to have a massive following!

It’s offering a similar range of wealth building opportunities to Quantum Leap and during pre-launch it’s completely FREE to get in!

There will be absolutely NO sponsoring requirements for our members to earn money.

Our members will NOT be required to purchase any products to qualify to earn money.

Our members will NOT be required to sell any products to qualify to earn money.

Our members will NOT be required to do anything except join us to earn money.

Global…We will be accepting members from every country on the planet.

WealthBuilders…Our members will have totally free access to a range of wealth building and wealth protection tools that the average person does not even realize exist.

Offshore…If your assets are not offshore, they are not safe. Onshore assets are readily available to anyone who wishes to steal them. Spouses, governments, and ambulance chasing lawyers are just a few of the most common asset thieves.

Privacy…Our members will be shown how to totally protect their privacy and assets from all of the asset thieves.

Club…Our members will be astounded by the benefits membership in our club offers them.

Go to:

And register for free to lock in your position – you can earn a lot from just being in an early position!

I’ve known it was coming for quite some time, but was sworn to secrecy.

I am still not at liberty to disclose who is behind “Global Wealth Builders Offshore Privacy Club”, but I can tell you this… I know them, and know them to be trustworthy.

They have been working on this concept for quite some time, to offer an income opportunity for everybody … including those that have a hard time sponsoring or do not want to sponsor. Workers who share the “Club”

with others, becoming Diamond Members, will be generously compensated, not only with referral bonuses, but a % of what their personals make.

Take your free position now, when it comes time to join, you could have a filled or partially filled matrix.

Kind regards

Bas Hoitinga

A Guide to Offshore Banking

If you are someone whose career and place of residence changes a lot, then you might want to keep your banking constant. One way to do this is by using offshore banking, which allows you to keep your money in one country, yet have access to it wherever you go. If you want to know more about offshore banking then this guide has some information that might be useful

Why get offshore banking?

Getting offshore banking can be useful if you are travelling around a lot and aren’t really located in one specific place. If you use an account from one country then you will find it harder to get your money out abroad, and might have to pay fees each time you want to carry a transfer or withdrawal. You might not even be able to access your account in some countries. Offshore banking can help you to have access to your accounts like you were in your home country wherever you are in the world.

Tax exemption

Another reason why offshore banking is popular is for tax exemption. If you have a large sum of money that you don’t want to pay tax on, then moving it to an offshore account might be useful. Of course, you need to make sure that you abide by the tax laws of your country, but there are legal ways to save yourself money through offshore banking

Benefits of offshore banking

Apart from the tax benefits, having your money offshore means that you have equal access to all of the world’s markets, and this makes it easier to invest in a diverse range of products and services.

Offshore banking features

You can use offshore banking simply as a savings account, or you can use it as your main means of banking. You can have a current account with a debit card, and even make investments and buy insurance and loans using your offshore bank. Most of the products and services that your standard bank can offer are available offshore, with the added bonus of being available around the world.


Offshore banking does use the law to its fullest, and so there are a number of risks associated with it. Firstly, if you don’t know what you are getting into then you could end up in legal trouble. Before signing up to offshore banking you need to consult a lawyer. Also, you need to deposit a large amount of money in order to get offshore banking, and that money could be at risk if anything happens in the country you opt for. You know that your money in your own country is insured, but if something happens offshore then you might be in trouble. Offshore banking does have some benefits, but make sure that you know the details of the system before proceeding. If you do this then offshore banking can help you save money and access your finances wherever you are in the world.

Unsecured Business Loans – Finance A Project Without Risks

Are you planning a business project and require a loan to finance it? in that case, unsecured business loans could be an option for the people who need the financial support to start a new project or to strengthen the older one by investing more funds into it. But you should go through every aspect of the loan before availing it.

The loan is given to the people who are well prepared with all the documents about their business. You should approach a lender will a plan of repayment as well. Tell the lender that your project will start earning the money quickly so that you are able to repay the new loan installments in timely manner.

Unsecured business loans are approved without taking any collateral from the business people. This allows for a risk-free borrowing. But note that any late payments or defaults of the loan can damage your credit history and creditability of your business as well. These loans can provide you £3000 to £25000 for a short-term of one year to 15 years.

The loan amount can be used to any business purpose like purchasing of raw material, machinery, equipment, furniture for office, paying off salaries and for any other works. You can even consolidate older debts under the new loan.

If you or your business carries a bad credit history of late payments, defaults and CCJs, you should find out bad credit unsecured business loans. Such loans are especially meant for your low credit rating.

Due to short-term and lack of collateral, these loans carry higher interest rates. So, your interest payments will be bit higher. Compare as many online offers of unsecured business loans to locate competitive lenders. Such loan providers should also be compared for their additional fee charges and also for their terms-conditions. Repay the loan on the due dates of the installments to remain free of debts.