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The US Hit by the Combined Forces of Stagflation, Inflation, Recession and High Oil Prices!

The sky rocketing fuel prices has sent the global economy on turmoil. This is probably because any form of growth and development in the current scheme of things is unthinkable and impossible without oil. In addition rise in oil prices is not restricted. The rise is translated in the form of a price hike in the other commodities also. The economic slowdown and major crashing of the market in the current times is witnessed and combined by the unthought of hike in the fuel prices. Inspite of everything, the governments all over the world have been forced to hike up the fuel prices in order to meet the increasing prices thus failing at saving their citizens from bearing the brunts of inflation, stagflation, and recession.


A couple of decades back the adverse economic factors were not a matter of worry for the developed countries. The rise in oil prices also didn’t bother their economy and finances. The US was and is the largest consumer of oil. The hike in the oil prices ideally should have hit the country badly. But as the growth and development in the other sectors were unaffected the country didn’t pay much for the ever increasing rise in the fuel prices.


Unfortunately for the US, now the times have changed, along with the other countries the US is also dearly paying because of the damp economic phase and over excited oil prices. The dollar is dropping and the country after quite a many years have been faced with economic factors that were unknown to it. Stagflation, recession and inflation are hovering over the country along with the sky high oil prices. As the productivity of the other sectors have been considerably affected owing to the low market trends, the US have been badly hit by the astronomic oil prices after quite some time. The US has also been hit as its exporters are charging more than what they used to. US exporters like China have revised the rates of export and hence among all the other things, the US also faced difficulties in importing at a desirable rate. Importing premium goods and services at a competitive rate was the motive that drove the US to borrow IT services from countries like India. This was a step that offered mutual benefits to both the sides. The US could get first rate services in the areas like custom software development and web application development by hiring a software company based in India. India for the last few years has been making amazing developments in the field of Information Technology. The flocking of foreign multinational companies was an icing on the cake for young India to make the optimum use of the IT related knowledge. Now things have gone even better as many US software companies outsource software developers along with outsourcing software development. While the US has been able to hire the IT services at a comparatively cheap rate it is still to overcome the much bigger challenges in the other aspects of its economy.    


Bad Credit Loans For You

Loans are now the requirement of everybody not only people with good credit history but also people with bad credit history as well. People like to go in for loans because either the cause is too expensive for them or the amount is minimal and the borrowers do not want to put in their savings and lower their bank balances.
Earlier the people with bad credit history were refused for loans but now days they are also granted the loans for any purpose that they need it for. The loan can be required for any of the following purposes. For home improvement, debt consolidation, for business or for education reasons.

People are considered with a bad credit history because they have previously taken loans and have trouble in repaying the loans and therefore have a poor credit score i.e. a score which depicts their financial credit worthiness. A good credit score is one above 620 and a poor one is below 600. Besides that there are other scores as well to calculate a borrower’s credit worthiness.
People who are considered as people with bad credit history are,

Late payments or
People who have previously filled for bankruptcy

The answers to their problems are Bad credit loans. These loans are available to people who have had bad credit history. Bad credit loans are available to people in two forms i.e. secured bad credit loans which are available only after the borrowers promise to render a security to the creditor by which they can get the benefits of low interest rates and low monthly installments. Another option is that of unsecured bad credit loans here there is no obligation to provide a security thus catering to every section of the society. Only blockades being that these loans may carry a little higher rate of interest than secured bad credit loans.

One advantage that the bad credit loans provide to people with bad credit history is, that by taking the bad credit loans the borrowers can improve on their credit scores. Hence can the loans next time on more helpful terms.
Applying for loans is not difficult after you have assess your requirement just go on line and apply for the loan one thing for bad credit loans is that the borrowers must know their credit score to get the best deals.

It is difficult being a person with bad credit history for various reasons. With bad credit loans however it is a little easier to cope up with that tag. With bad credit loans we can do almost everything we want to do so we can say that they are a blessing in disguise.

CFO Priorities

According to a Deloitte survey, 70% of CFOs plan to hedge or reduce risk in the balance sheet or in the business, and 56% plan to reduce debt levels. The companies that will differentiate themselves are not the ones that are counting their pennies right now, but those that are strategic about what they will be two years hence. Companies require confidence and foresight to make new investments during volatile times like these. Companies that make appropriate financial, operational, governance and risk management changes now, will not only be in a better position to maintain cash flow and to effectively weather the current economic storm, but will also have the opportunity to lay the foundation for renewed growth and long term profits when the economy rebounds. The first mover companies are focusing on finding opportunities for improvement in procurement, receivables, and payables.

Outsourcing, at a time like this, is particularly important for multinational companies as it helps consolidate its varied global processes into one unified process for the whole company ensuring standardization across the globe of all its practices – back-office, systems, solutions, processes and operations – to make the company efficient. Needless to say, this has an inherent cost advantage that grows to achieve better profitability. Outsourcing of key operations is a crucial investment smart organizations make to reap downstream benefits over a 5-7 year period.

In the current competitive market scenario, innovative companies are using analytics to optimize their profits and gain competitive advantage. Analyzing past consumer behavior helps companies provide actionable predictions for each customer. These predictions encompass all channels – online and offline, foreseeing which customer will buy, click, respond, convert or cancel. Such predictive analytics helps companies better understand their customers by providing insight based business decision support. The predictions on buying behavior generated by predictive analytics improve response rates, click rates, and customer retention, which in turn, improve profitability for organizations.

What You Should Know About Auto Loans

Do students need a co-signer when applying for college student auto loans? If you visit the car dealer with an auto loan deal in hand, you’ll have more power and leverage when you’re negotiating for the price of the vehicle. Here’s how to find a lender: Ask your local bank if you’re already a customer, your bank or credit union might be willing to give you an auto loan, especially if you have a solid, positive banking history with them.

Taking advantage of an auto loan is probably going to be your best option when buying a new or used car. If your site offers auto loans, for example, offer your visitors new auto loans, used auto loans, even auto refinancing loans. Once you have improved your credit scores, you may qualify for a standard loan or a bad credit auto loan with better terms.

Higher credit score means a lower auto loan interest rate. Thankfully, the online process for applying for an auto loan allows one to know pretty quickly where one stands. I had $15,000 in consumer debt (credit cards and an auto loan), and I owed $15,000 to my mom.

Using any major search engine available, type in a search phrase such as online auto loan, a prospective borrower is better off focusing on all these factors in order to crack a good deal on auto loans. During business hours, online auto loans can be approved within an hour of application.

Did you know that it is possible to get approved for an auto loan after bankruptcy? It is important for you to be well aware of the term of your current auto loan contract so as to maximize the amount of money you can end up saving. Make use of online tools very straightforward, auto loan applications give you all the answers based on the information you have with online auto loans calculator.

Soon you receive your auto loan with amount of monthly interest payable. There are auto loan choices for people with bad credit, just as there are auto choices. Therefore you should use this calculator as guidance only before you have received any auto loan offers.

The contents of your report determine your auto loan rate. Online auto loan refinancing comparison shopping is very important when refinancing an auto loan. If looking for a bad credit auto loan, choose lenders that favour individuals with low credit scores.

The most important thing to consider before taking out an auto loan is how much you can afford to pay for the loan on a monthly basis. Economic forecasts indicate that auto loan interest rates are likely to fall in future.

However, because banks normally approve financing for new cars, their interest rates on a classic car auto loan are likely to be higher than those of a specialty lender. A secured auto loan, for example, may have a term of between three to five years. Auto dealers charge differential auto loan rates for different makes of car.

Wait 1 – 2 years before applying for auto loan after you have opened new credit accounts; periodically monitor your credit report. These motor vehicle loans are specially tailored for purchasing motor vehicles just like auto loans are customized for purchasing cars.