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How To Start The Right Franchise Business

How To Start The Right Franchise Business

In this article today I would like to talk about several tips, tricks, and tactics that almost anybody can use to help start the right franchise business for them.

We may be in the midst of the greatest recession in American history since the Great Depression. For many people, this is the time to be very cautious and hunker down; but for others they may realize that now is the best possible time to go out on their own and start their own business. Or maybe they have lost their job and don’t have any other options, either way this article may be for you.

Most people don’t realize that many franchise businesses can be started for as little as $ 10,000-$ 15,000 and in most cases you don’t really need any experience to do this because many high quality franchise businesses will actually train you in their system.

The first thing to look for when looking for a franchise business is one that heavily invests in its franchisees in the form of training and support. They make money when you make money so it’s in their best interest to help you make as much money as possible and that’s the sort of attitude you want to look for when choosing between different franchises.

Next you should really consider buying into a business whose trademarks are already well known and established. As a new business owner you may be tempted to go with a less known chain because the start up costs may be cheaper but that may be a big mistake, especially if you’re new to this sort of thing. The more established a chain is, the easier it is to sell whatever it is they sell because people are  already familiar with it and also there’s a greater possibility that the company will offer better and more substantial training.

Watch out for companies that operate “company stores” from which you have to buy supplies and things like that because these company stores may inadvertently become your competition and who do you think the main corporation is going to side with in a war with you against their own company store? You want a company whose main focus is a dedication to setting up an expanding their franchisee system, and nothing else.

Finally, look for companies that have a strong and independent franchisee Association because these types of organizations will play a very big role in shaping your business and giving you the help and support that you need along the way. Plus if there are ever any problems between you and the parent corporation, a strong franchisee Association can help advocate on your behalf.

So there you have several tips that you can use to help get started in the franchisee business. Many people find this to be a meaningful entrepreneurial activity and if you think it’s right for you, then I bid you good luck.

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Could You Be a Franchise Area Developer?

Could You Be a Franchise Area Developer?

As a franchise area developer you will allowed to open a previously arranged number of franchise outlets within a certain locality. You would usually be given a schedule from the franchise of how many outlets they want you open within a certain amount of time. You may find that one perk you get is that your franchise fees are lower in exchange for your work as an area developer.

You would be financially responsible for each franchise unit that you open. That is quite an incentive to make it work. Therefore, you will find that you will spend quite a lot of time setting up each individual franchise unit. You will usually hire the staff to work each unit. You always have to keep an eye to the future, and your next franchise unit, and when one is up and running you will move on to the next. You will still have to manage all your units, albeit at a greater distance as time goes on.

To be a successful franchise area developer, you will have to know your franchise well. You should be experienced in running franchises yourself before you aim for the job of area developer.  You may also find that it is a requirement of your particular franchise that you have to continue to run your own franchise unit while you are an area developer.

Don’t be daunted, though. Most franchises will assist you by giving the training and tools that you need in order to be a successful area developer. After all, the success of the franchise depends upon people like you! They will also help you find good areas in which to set up a franchise.

Franchise area development is potentially a good career move for people who have a franchise they think is a valid product or service and who have the energy and enthusiasm to take that franchise to new areas. You will need to be good with people, helping them set up their own franchise units, but if you do this well, you could earn a good living.

Area Developer Could Be The Next Step In Your Franchise Career – Franchising still provides the best opportunity for business success. To find out more about becoming an area developer

How Do You Sell the First 5 Franchises?

How Do You Sell the First 5 Franchises?

Let’s face it, growing a franchise company is not easy in the best of economic times, especially for newer franchise companies.  Selling the first five to ten franchises calls for a lot of time and effort. Remember when you started your business, the one you have now franchised? Remember all your hard work and effort to get it going ? Did it pay off? Of course it did, otherwise you would not have decided to expand. Well, your franchise company is a new business and as such it requires the same level of intense effort and focus of your original business. The good news is that in today’s world of technology, marketing your concept and reaching potential franchisees has never been easier.

Even though you are granting franchises, there is no question that selling principles apply to developing your franchise company. When there is selling involved, we need leads, period. Growing a franchise is indeed a numbers game. We have to attract the right people in enough numbers to make the difference; and, the key to more leads is to have a multi-prong strategy to marketing. Here are some of the potential prongs:

Traditional Lead Sources

Traditional Advertising (print media: newspapers, magazines, trade publications)- this is an expensive option and unless you have a very targeted market with an equally targeted publication, this is probably not the best way to go.
Promoting franchise opportunities in your own locations – Obvious? Yes, but it’s amazing how often this option is overlooked. Do you have signs that say “franchises available”? Do you promote your franchise on EVERY printed collateral in your locations? If you have franchise locations, are you also using them to promote the franchise opportunity?
Franchise coaches/brokers (The Entrepreneur’s Source, FranNet, FranChoice) – using broker networks is a great way to supplement your own efforts. However, you must spend time developing relationships with these people if you want to get results. Don’t think that just listing your opportunity with them is sufficient. They have hundreds of options they can choose to offer their clients and yours will only come to the top, if and only if, you spend the time building relationships with the members.
Trade Shows (Franchise/business opportunities shows and your own industry trade shows) – these lead sources can also be expensive and time consuming.  Do your research and only make the commitment if they have a proven track record of success.
Seminars – This is an inexpensive way of building awareness about your franchise opportunity locally. It requires time and effort but they traditionally pay off, especially at a local level where your brand is known and respected.
Networking – Have you told EVERYONE you know that you are now franchising? Have you sent them an email? Have you called them? Have you asked your friends to tell others they know about your franchise?
 Newer Marketing Approaches
Internet Referral Sources – Just do a search for “franchise opportunities” or “franchise leads” and you’ll be amazed at the number of these lead source portals.  Some of these portals offer monthly agreements while others have pay-per-lead programs. Make sure that the leads you’re getting from these sources have specifically requested information about your opportunity. If they are going to send you general leads you’ll be doing a lot of chasing around and, at this stage, you can probably spend your money and time more wisely.
Google Ads– This is a better option than most of the lead generation portals for a small budget, especially if you combine this strategy with Facebook instead of a general ad in search results.
Other Websites Ads– Search for websites that have complementary services or products to your offering and consider advertising in them.
Your WEBSITE – another obvious place; but, are you taking full advantage of your website? Is it optimized for your franchise offering or is it still just directed to your main business? Are you just talking with customers or are you also trying to engage franchise prospects? Will it come up in a search for franchise opportunities in your industry?
Social Media– (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many, many more). First decide the best media suited for your business and then get active!
Press Releases – This media is nothing new BUT what’s revolutionary is how technology has made press releases so effective in creating brand awareness.
Blogs – Adding a blog can be a great way of building credibility to your offering. However, their effectiveness depends on your type of business. They take time and commitment.
Newsletters – Today’s newsletters are generally electronic reducing the cost of producing and distributing them. They can effectively drive traffic to your website and create awareness of your offerings. You’ll need to start building a database, if you don’t have one. If you do, have you send an announcement about your new franchise opportunity to your list? Have you asked your customers and others in your database to re-direct the newsletter to people who they believe might be interested in the franchise offer?
Promoting your business – Remember all you did and hopefully still do to promote your current business? Well, now it’s time to do more. Use media relations wisely. For example, can you send media leaders in your neighboring communities invitations to come visit your location and then introduce them to the franchise offering? As new locations open, are you using this important event to cultivate media relations further? Have you considered hiring a PR/Media Relations expert? They can get you in larger, more widely read publications. The better your business is promoted, the more leads you’ll generate for your franchise offering.

Be creative and diligent and see new leads start to flow your way.

Lizette Pirtle is the CEO of International Expansion Experts; she is a franchising expert with over twenty years in franchise management, training, communications and marketing. Her passion is helping franchisees and franchisors achieve success. Lizette can be contacted by email at Her company’s website:

Beat the Recession With a Retail Franchise

Beat the Recession With a Retail Franchise

In the light of the current recession here are some benefits and hindrances of starting up a franchise in the retail sector. The current economy is ideal for the starting up of a retail franchise because of the lowering of price in commercial leasing.

If you are looking for a good deal on a lease agreement then the time now is certainly ideal.
While commercial property owners are struggling to lease high footfall commercial premises there are deals to be done.

But what about the fall in the economy that has created the opportunity to achieve lower lease pricing?
What kind of a threat is this to the new retail franchise owner? Clearly the downturn in the economy is something that demands careful attention. It is vital for the would be retail franchise owner to do their homework.

So what steps of consideration can be taken?

Research the market by browsing information resources such as online franchise directories.
Find franchises that are a good match for your general interests and capital investment.
Contact franchisors which match your budget and interest.
Short list franchise systems of interest and line up a visit to the franchisor at their head office.
Get information from the franchisor how they are helping their franchisees to trade successfully in the light of the current economic downturn.
Ask the franchisor for a list of franchise owners.
Make contact with the franchise owners and visit their shops – ask for their honest opinion for trading in this current downturn and enquire what assistance and help they get from the franchisor.
Now you can identify the franchise systems you are interested in and those that are trading well regardless of the economic downturn.
Remember that the economic system moves can go up and down naturally so the current downturn in the economy will not last for ever.
Finally, make your decision and, if need be, financial advisor to put together your business strategy, look for the best priced commercial property and start your retail franchise outlet.

Researching which franchise systems are operating well in and out of the current economy provides the would be franchise owner some insight into the business before investing in a retail franchise. This background checking and research can clearly help the franchise owner to decide on a system that will match his or her personality and manage their own successful retail franchise.

Nick Strong is MD of Select Your Franchise and a leading Franchise Expert in the UK Franchise Market. Read more in Nicks Franchise Blog or visit our Franchises UK site to find out more about Select Your Franchise.