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Avoiding Pitfalls Of A Franchise Business

Avoiding Pitfalls Of A Franchise Business
Getting a franchise business is one of the ways to grab hold of a seemingly good business opportunity. There are many obvious advantages of the same. You do not have to toil day and night to get the business to establish from scratch and to develop a reputed brand name for the same. What you get is a well established brand name to work with which has ready market of its own. There is one more obvious benefit of the franchise business that the resources are channelled in the proper direction and there is less operational wastages of the same since you build upon the experience and the expertise of the others.

As is the case with other businesses, there are some obvious pitfalls of the same as well. For you, it is important to be vigilant of these pitfalls and to avoid these at all costs. Here are some of these which you shall be careful about:
1. Training: Normally, training is the responsibility of the franchiser and the same shall be done properly for the franchise to succeed. The serious franchiser does recognise the importance of maintaining uniform brand values and therefore, the training sessions are quite elaborate. When some franchiser is only offering the training for a small period of time to be meaningful and it looks to be mere eyewash, then the suspicions must arise.
2. Geographical reach: Try to get as much geographical reach as is possible under the deal depending on your own estimation of the market potential. If the geographical clause is not suitable for you, then you can try negotiating on the reduction of the share of the franchiser in the business profits.
3. Do consultations: For assessing any business opportunity, either the business for sale offer or the franchise business opportunities, there is always an agreement between the two parties. It has been observed that these agreements are deliberately designed or loaded against the franchisee. These put him in the weaker position. So, the pros and cons of these shall be duly examined before these are signed. You can consult a lawyer for this purpose.
4. Promise too much and deliver very little: If there is a feeling in the negotiations that the franchiser is putting too many conditions or is expecting you to do too much, far beyond your reasonable duties and is not taking what is ideally his part of the responsibility, then this is going to be an uncomfortable association. The people who promise much and are not seen to be taking action are actually wasting your time trying to hoodwink you for money.

In order to assess the merit of the franchise business proposal, it is quite imperative that you have done your own in-depth research on the subject and take your decisions in the light of these findings of your own. Do not commit anything till the whole picture is clear. Do not act in haste, but do not be lethargic as well. Take reasonable time for arriving at a decision.

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Franchise Business Opportunity – One 24

Franchise Business Opportunity – One 24

If you’re out there looking for a business opportunity, the word Franchise inevitably comes up during your search. When most people hear the word franchise, they think of a business like McDonald’s, Subway, Supercuts, Convenience stores, or maybe one of these cleaning services like ServiceMaster. For anyone who has half a million dollars and previous business experience, these are all great opportunities if you find the right location and availability. However…for most people who would like to own a business, the problem is the half million dollars it takes to get started.

This is why so many people are turning to small business franchises, and within that niche, they find internet marketing, work-from-home, or MLM. Recently, one of those companies has exploded into the small business arena with an opportunity called ONE24. This company offers up the possibility to earn $ 100,000 in only 18 months through their simple single line matrix program, in which you just find 3 members to buy a product called Natraburst. This product is a combination of over 30 different vegetables, fruits, minerals, and proteins and when combined with 8 ounces of water or juice, it becomes a Superfood packed full of nutrition.

Still, even with a great product, ONE 24 is attracting so many people because of the simple marketing plan and the lucrative compensation program. Very few franchises, even those that can be purchased for hundreds of thousands of dollars, can offer that kind of compensation or profit potential in such a short period of time. This is because the Powers behind ONE24 have committed to putting back 50% of their profits into the compensation plan. Plus, there is virtually zero risk with a small business like One24 while the potential for profit is high.

The marketing plan for One 24 is simple if not genius. In order to join, you just find a member and get on the waiting list. This waiting list is a necessity because joining is only possible when you locate a GREEN TICKET from a member, and each member is only given 1 single green ticket per month. This waiting list idea is incredibly attractive to most people because it eliminates the need to find hundreds of customers or members each month. Just one will do.

One24 is a unique opportunity and for anybody who simply can’t afford to put up hundreds of thousands of dollars for a name brand franchise, the $ 60 monthly purchase price of Natraburst seems like a small price to pay for an opportunity at earning over $ 100,000.
One24 is a legitimate company, with a legitimate product, and a legitimate opportunity, but still, everyone should perform due diligence while exploring any business or franchise.

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Franchise Opportunity. You Are Not Alone

Franchise Opportunity. You Are Not Alone

Many people are attracted towards the idea of investing in a franchise opportunity. However, not many people like the legwork and management that goes on behind the scenes. This is usually required in order to establish the company within its sector. What if you could invest in a company that has an established reputation and that is guaranteed to make you some handsome profits? The fact that large companies already have an established brand is what makes these opportunities so attractive. There is also less hassle involved in trying to market your new company, and brand it. There are a range of advantages that are persuading more and more people to try these investment opportunities.

The main benefit of investing in a franchise opportunity is that you will always have someone there to back you up if things were to take a turn for the worse, financially, or strategically. The company offers comprehensive support and help should you ever need it. They offer advice and suggest options and new ways to move forward with the franchise you are in charge of. It is more than likely that the company itself, during its startup years, suffered the same obstacles and problems that you may be facing.

This support and advice can help you save time in worrying and fretting. Another great advantage is that the larger companies that offer a franchise opportunity are more likely to have a solid repeat business structure than smaller companies, or even worse, startup companies. Investing in larger companies will often mean that you have to cough up a large fee in advance in order to secure that part of the company. However, this is more than worth it as they already have the huge buying power behind them, as well as a long history in customer service. Where else can you be guaranteed customers?

As well as your franchise opportunity being instantly recognized by the company’s customer base, the funding part to your investment will often be met by major high street banks. They have the safety of a big company or corporation behind their funding to the franchisee. They know they will be pretty much guaranteed all of that money back, with interest. They are therefore more likely to lend to these types of opportunities. It is a good idea to invest some of you own cash too, as this shows the company you are investing is, that you are willing to work hard to make the opportunity work.

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Franchise Opportunities And How To Get Started

Franchise Opportunities And How To Get Started

Franchise opportunities are becoming more and more popular at the moment due to the obvious reason that it is simply much easier to get into business this way than it is to set up on your own. However, you do of course need to ensure that you complete the whole process properly and seek advice where it is needed. Do not be afraid to ask questions when you are in need of answers to help you to move forward! First things first, you have to decide upon the monetary level of investment that you can comfortably afford to put into another company. Once you have figured this out, you have a clean starting point when browsing all of the franchise opportunities that are currently available.

Deciding upon the amount of money that you want to put in is a big factor in any business opportunity, franchised or otherwise as this is the starting point for any profits that you wish to make. When you have had pen to paper and know how much money you have to spare, do not take that as definitive and pay money out for something that is simply not worthy of that amount. It has more than likely taken you a long time to save up the sort of money required for a venture like this and therefore, you will need to spend it wisely and never go over your budget! Check out all company paperwork and accounts and research everything thoroughly before making any rash decisions. You need to be certain that you will get a healthy return on your investment short term and long term.

Another important factor to consider throughout this process is not only the amount of money that you can pay upfront for the franchise opportunities that you are looking into, but also the amount of money that you will need to comfortably start up your area of the business. For instance, you will need to pay overheads such as rent, gas and electric just like any other business, so to pay a couple of months in advance will help you a great deal as this will prepare you for the initial slow business before word spreads about your products/services. Above all else, remember to do an adequate amount of research and set on an accountant instantly to keep track of any books that you have to keep yourself. This may seem to be an instant expense at first but it is a lot easier than dealing with the consequences if you do something wrong!

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