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Offshore Outsourcing Philippines: A Global Industry Player Continues to Grow

Offshore Outsourcing Philippines: A Global Industry Player Continues to Grow

Offshore outsourcing in the Philippines has grown to be a major player not just in the local economy but also in the global business process outsourcing industry. Outsourcing is engaging the services of an independent firm. This third party firm will be handling a task or several tasks and this will be paid as a service. In some cases, one specialist will be handling the tasks and in other cases, the service provider assigns an entire team. The number of outsourced employees depends on the number of the tasks, the difficulty or complexity of the tasks and the company’s budget for hiring an outsourced unit or team.

From being a newcomer and provider mainly of voice services around a decade ago, offshore outsourcing in the Philippines has grown to be one of the global industry leaders. The country has been dubbed the “Call Center Capital of the World” in a New York Times article and is now the no. 2 destination in the world – next only to India – when it comes to complex services and non voice services.

Here are some of the reasons the Philippines continues to experience tremendous growth in the global business process outsourcing industry:

1. The outsourcing destination has maintained its edge as a service provider with a workforce composed of individuals with topnotch communication skills and language skills. A large number of the working age population can speak English well.
2. Employees from outsourcing firms in the Philippines offer cultural fit. Filipinos grew up with and are very familiar with Western culture. A good number of Filipino employees are also familiar with landmark U.S. events, key figures, and the nuances of western culture including humor.
3. The industry is said to be maturing, branching out into non voice and complex services which include animation, legal services, software development, accounting, medical transcription and many more. This is the same path that India took, going from mostly voice services in the beginning and then growing to have other outsourcing companies that offer non voice and complex services.
4. There is a large workforce composed of tech savvy and technically proficient individuals.

To make the most of offshore outsourcing to the Philippines, you should, of course, make an effort to find a topnotch service provider. Check out several outsourcing vendors and compare their services and fees. Ask around to find out what the reputation of the service provider is in the industry. Ask around, too, for some feedback from previous clients. A good number of years in the business could indicate a level of consistency and quality. However, if the company you are considering is quite new in the business, you need to find out the credentials and training of the staff and the quality of the top management. It’s also a good idea to learn more about the outsourcing destination. If, for example, you are considering outsourcing firms in the Philippines, it certainly helps if you know the latest information on the country’s infrastructure, business legislation and other factors that affect business process outsourcing.

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Outsourcing Firms: Studying Your Third Party Locations

Outsourcing Firms: Studying Your Third Party Locations

Outsourcing is a contracting third party firm to handle a task which is paid as a service. Outsourcing firms will then provide the team that will be completing the task or the group of tasks. Outsourcing has proven to be a viable solution for thousands of companies worldwide. In fact, business process outsourcing (BPO) is a billon dollar industry across the globe.

Here are some of the reasons companies have found it sensible to outsource:
1. They lack the necessary number of staff or the necessary skills of the staff to complete the tasks and deliver on time and at high levels of quality.
2. They are keen on saving on costs including compensation, supplies purchase, rental or purchase of office equipment and space, to name just a few expenses when having the tasks done by an in-house team.
3. They get to save while making sure that the business process runs smoothly and without any transition hitches.
4. They also still manage to employ some of the most talented and highly trained employees through the business process outsourcing firms.
5. The in house employees can also get to learn more about the field that the outsource employees are working on, including learning about the current best practices and the latest information.

To gain these benefits and more, you need to, of course, find a reliable service provider. You should also learn more about the outsourcing firms and the outsourcing destination. Consider the major outsourcing destinations and learn more about the country’s local business process outsourcing sector. Find out, too, if the country has infrastructure improvements, business-friendly laws, and other factors that could make it easier and more cost effective for you to outsource tasks to that particular destination.

Study the latest news regarding these topics because they give you an idea of how the business process outsourcing companies do business and what to expect in terms of level of service and expertise. If, for example, you are considering outsourcing to a service provider in the Philippines, you should be aware that the country is the world leader in the voice services sub sector of business process outsourcing and the second leading provider in global non voice services and complex services. The local industry is poised for even more growth. The business process outsourcing and the information and communication technology (ICT) sectors have announced the target revenue of $ 50 billion by 2016. The ICT Office (ICTO), through Executive Director Luis Casambre, has in fact confirmed that the BPO-ICT industry is on track towards achieving the target revenue. Casambre pointed out that business process outsourcing firms in the Philippines contributed $ 10.9 billion to the gross national product (GNP) in 2011. This is the second biggest contribution to the GNP, coming just behind the contribution of overseas Filipino workers (OFW). The 2012 rate of growth of the local BPO-ICT sector,Casambre added, shows that it’s on track to reach the 2016 target. Aside from that, there is a new proposed data privacy law which is expected to further take the local BPO-ICT industry to international standards and further improve client and investor confidence.

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Cost Effective Benefits of Outsourcing Service

Cost Effective Benefits of Outsourcing Service

More and more services these days are resorting to Outsourcing services. Many services are downsizing their procedure and outsourcing a lot of the work that can be hold by other service in respective and various countries. Maintaining a huge manpower is a higher task for a lot of companies. The cost of paying them salaries and monthly allowances could be a major economical burden for a lot of company’s .The retirement advantageous that the company require providing are also a major drain on its economic .All of these difficulty can be avoided by outsourcing a many of the services. The private who do the offshore outsource service are not considered as the company staff. They consist to their own respective companies and work for the outsourcing company on a program-by -program basis. This absolves the outsourcing company of any domain for paying the hired personnel. They require to only paying the company, which takes up the outsourcing service, for the services that they render. This arrangement works out to be extremely expenditure effective for many companies. They no longer have to maintain a high team pf personal on full-time basis. They can simply make do with the staffs of the outsourcing co-operator who are more or less like a part-time workforce. Outsourcing services disable a company to acquire its employment done without having to spend a higher sum of cash on a long payroll.

Apart from saving cash on a small payroll, the call center outsourcing service can also save a many cash while having superior employment done for pennies on the pound .Most of the outsourced work goes to countries like India and China where the average salary is extremely low when compared to what individual get paid in developed nations .Therefore,it is possible to receive a highly talented workforce to employed on the project ta an extremely affordable cost. There is perhaps one of the main reason that service prefer to outsource their employment. Software jobs are some of the major work that is outsourced by different services in the West, to countries like India and China. That is because these countries have a huge natural ability pool of highly certified software professionals who can manage jobs of any complexity. Apart from software development, a lot of services in these countries also do other computer related jobs like data warehousing, difficult shooting and software testing. Medical transcription and data entry employed is also another major sector where jobs are outsourced.

Of late, there is a many movie special effects and animation that is being outsourced Western nations to various countries in the East. Hollywood is the bigger producer of English movies and there is a huge requirement for postproduction employment to be completed on time earlier the release of many movie .Much of this work is now outsourced to production houses in India, Singapore, New Zealand and other nations in the East. As services keep reaping the advantageous of outsourcing services their employed to offshore destinations, there is no sign of the trend going down in the close present.

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Philippines Outsourcing: Attracting More Business and Investments

Philippines Outsourcing: Attracting More Business and Investments

From just one of the newcomers in the global business process outsourcing (BPO) about a decade ago, Philippines outsourcing has become an industry powerhouse, one of the most sought after outsourcing destinations in the world. The country has overtaken previous leader India to become the no. 1 outsourcing destination in the world for voice services subsector. A New York Times report on outsourcing even called the Philippines the “Call Center Capital of the World.”

Gaining top 2 status in the non voice sub sector
In the non voice and complex services sub sector, the Philippines is now at second place, following India, as the most sought after outsourcing destination in the world. Non voice services and complex services sub sector cover legal services, software development , animation, other software services, medical transcription, and web design, to name a few.

The Philippines’ business process outsourcing industry and the information and communication technology (ICT) sector has, in fact, shown such tremendous growth these past few years that the industry has announced that it is targeting revenue of $ 50 billion by 2016. The Executive Director at ICT Office (ICTO), Luis Casambre, who was interviewed while he was at the Cebu ICT and BPO Conference, pointed out that the Philippines ICT-BPO sector’s 2011 total revenue was at $ 10.9 billion, the second highest contributor to the 2011 GNP or gross national product and just behind the gross national product contribution of OFWs or overseas Filipino workers. Casambre added that the current rate of growth of Philippines outsourcing shows that the projected revenue by 2016 can be achieved and that the industry is on track.

Leveraging strengths and moving forward
The success story of the country’s business process outsourcing sector is a story of how the industry leveraged its strengths in the voice services sub sector to grow and eventually expand into other services. These strengths include a considerable pool of skilled, technically proficient employees that also offer communication skills, language skills and cultural fit. These strengths, along with a growing number of employees with even more technical and specialized skills, continue to help Philippines outsourcing grow, achieve bigger revenues and continue to become one of the most sought after outsourcing destinations across the globe.

And, with continuing efforts to continue a business friendly environment, the business process outsourcing sector in the Philippines continues to flourish. One of the measures that can certainly make the industry even more business friendly and attractive to clients and investors – the proposed Data Privacy Act. Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) president and CEO Benedict Hernandez described the Data Privacy Act as a boost to investments in the Philippines’ Information Technology- Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) sector because it will help raise investor and outsourcing client confidence on the Philippines. The proposed Data Privacy Act, which was based on European Parliament standards as well as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Information Privacy Framework, will take Philippines outsourcing further into international privacy protection standards.

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