Frozen Yogurt Adds To Franchise Platter

Frozen Yogurt Adds To Franchise Platter
The food and beverage industry is gaining tremendous pace in the last few years. The health food and beverage market is projected to grow at a growth rate of about 35 per cent per annum as per a recent study conducted by the Tata Research Management Group. This growth can be attributed to the new and unique business opportunities coming up in the F&B industry. Frozen yogurt, is one of such international business concept witnessing extensive popularity in India.

Frozen yogurt is available in different flavours and offers rich experience to consumers with its delicious and mouth-watering assortment. In India, people in general consume yogurts for climatic as well as health related benefits but with hectic life style only a few can enjoy its home-made taste. Moreover with Indians getting more brand conscious, people are consuming readymade yogurt from a branded outlet. As informed by G.S. Bhalla, MD Cocoberry, When we started off there was no other yogurt outlet chain in market. The success that we have achieved has happened due to our proud franchisees. Let us have a look at few other factors which have given a boost to this unusual business concept pan India.

Boosting factors for yogurt business

Buying a flavoured yogurt franchise is comparatively a recent development in the Indian markets. However, this unique business opportunity assures success if operated efficiently. Presently, with more and more people becoming health conscious, it is considered the best food item to offer taste as well maintain health. Secondly, increased disposable income and peoples preference of eating out can also guarantee its success. Busy schedules and women working outside, leaves less time to make yogurt at home. On the other hand, with the concept of frozen yogurt pepping up consumers preferences, people are changing to tastier and healthier options of yoghurt. Another factor added to yogurt franchising is the comfort that it offers to women entrepreneurs. Women who are fond of cooking or preparing special food items can take a frozen yogurt franchise and turn their hobby to a successful business.

However, aspirants who are still undecided about taking a franchise or starting their own business of this unique opportunity need to understand first why franchising is always a better option.

Franchising of yogurt business

Though yoghurt franchise business is quite popular internationally, but is in emerging stage in India. At present, there are only two franchise brands in India, but that the concept is catching up fast among other franchise brands.

Niche segment benefits:

Aspiring entrepreneurs can cash-in many benefits of this unique business opportunity. This is due to the few franchise players in the segment who are still in the expansion mode. These players would give individual attention to the debutants as they are keen on expanding their business venture. Therefore, aspirants can get a lot of assistance from the parent company.

Low investment

The second reason for its popularity is its low cost investment as compared to other F&B outlets. As informed by Bhalla, Cocoberry Franchise Partner System starts at a low investment model depending on location and size. Low investment and higher repeat sales ensure a healthy return on investment (ROI) for franchisees.

Increased acceptance

However, brands like Cocoberry has proved its success by opening 16 operational stores, out of which 11 are franchisee owned. Kiwi Kiss, a Canadian frozen yogurt chain, better known for its juice and smoothie brand Jus Booster Juice has plans to bring their yogurt brand in India soon. This development shows the rising popularity of the unique concept in India.

Cautions while running a yogurt franchise

Every business demands lot of care and cautions. Yogurt franchise is no such exception from other successful businesses. A few precautions are given below:

Maintaining health and safety issues:
FMCG food item so it can perish in a short time.
Adhere to franchise rules in maintaining standards

To conclude, it can be said that running a yoghurt franchise is quite easy and simple. Aspiring entrepreneurs are sure to get lucrative benefits by taking its franchise now as this concept is gaining huge acceptance across the nation.

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