Ozana Giusca Interview

Ozana Giusca Meeting

Ozana Giusca is a person that knows how to detect a possibility.
With the rapid advancement of Eastern Europe, she had a sense that there was an absence of quality resources available to firms in both Bulgaria and also Romania to establish effective business ventures. In addition to this, she likewise found that Western firms required quality recommendations when attempting to service in the Eastern European Market. Put the two suggestions together as well as Bridge Europe Consulting was birthed …
The Interview
DS: What influenced you to set up Bridge Europe Consulting Ltd?
OG: Two points motivated me:
( i) The lack of sources amongst Romanians as well as Bulgarians to establish effective jobs,
( ii) the demand for stipulation of specialist services at worldwide criteria, for Western companies considering establishing operations in Romania and also Bulgaria.
On the other hand, i was helping people with recommendations, as well as contacts– now I do the exact same, however I charge for it.
DS: Did you have any help establishing the firm or were you going it alone?
OG: I set it up entirely on my own. Nonetheless, I did have few brainstorming sessions with the experts I deal with– these are experts with different abilities, that I outsource particular tasks to.
DS: What was the largest difficulty you faced in bringing your suggestion to fruition? How was it overcome?
OG: Getting individuals to spend for consulting solutions. Persuasion, and development of good partnerships with possible clients constantly helps.
DS: What makes you most honored about your achievements with Bridge Europe Consulting Ltd?
OG: Also though really young, it is a brand that individuals currently know and also depend on.
DS: How did you really money your business to get it off the ground?
OG: From revenues. The initial financial investment was extremely low, as well as we have started producing revenue from the very start. These days, all you require is a laptop computer with Web connection, and also a mobile phone.
DS: What associates make an effective business owner?
OG: Drive and also effort. Having an objective and desire for success.
You also have to like what you are doing and to count on what you are doing.
DS: What do you believe are the needed aspects for a business venture to prosper?
OG: Please a need, discover a particular niche market, have the appropriate ‘offering’ (in terms of packaging, rates, positioning), have a proper action plan, with set targets and also turning points. Have the appropriate combination of abilities within the team. Essential, PROVIDE!
DS: How crucial do you see an University education and learning in accomplishing success as a business owner?
OG: I do not believe it is necessary, but I believe it is beneficial. College offers you a prospective as well as a structured technique. However, if one has the best perspective, it can be done.
DS: What are the 3 most vital lessons you have found out about organisation and entrepreneurship?
OG: The three vital lessons are:
( 1) obtain things documented – get arrangements on paper, do not rely on what individuals claim
( 2) execute requireds, as well as market your solutions at the very same time. Grow your business as quick as you can.
( 3) continuously broaden your network (of good friends, business partners, possible distributors, anything).
DS: What suggestions would you provide to an aspiring business owner?
Do not only dream concerning it! Do it!
DS: What’s the number one book you would certainly you recommend to striving business owners?
OG: I believe people need different kinds of books, so I prefer to not state any. It is an issue of taste, yet likewise an issue of individual credentials, history and understanding. People obtain motivated and incentivised by various things.
DS: What unforgettable mistakes, if any, have you made in organisation? What did you gain from them and just how can they be avoided?
OG: Once I had not totally assessed the customer’s abilities as well as understanding, as well as I had actually begun on a project relying upon his expertise – which I found out afterwards was entirely missing out on. I finished up spending a great deal of time informing the customer – which was of training course not spent for. From now, I will certainly make certain the customer recognizes exactly what needs to be done and particularly, what are his/her duties. It might appear too solid, but I ensure that the customer is able to deliver, prior to authorizing the required.
DS: What are the most effective as well as worst aspects of being an entrepreneur?
OG: Finest: Freedom, overall control of your life. Substantial satisfaction when success is reached. Internal fulfillment … as well as the listing can take place.
Worst: you are a little fish in a large ocean. At the very start, it is not simple to get individuals to treat you appropriately (I suggest obtaining them to take you seriously – and not just when you provide a record or give suggestions, but specifically when they have to meet their contractual obligations). On the various other hand, capital is instable, so wonderful focus should be offered to the money setting in the first year of operations.
DS: Exist any other thoughts, understandings, or suggestions for aiming business owners that you would love to add?
OG: It is an amazing experience. One can not know how gratifying it is, till he/she starts! Once on that particular course, you will certainly never intend to go back to the company world!