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CFO Priorities

According to a Deloitte survey, 70% of CFOs plan to hedge or reduce risk in the balance sheet or in the business, and 56% plan to reduce debt levels. The companies that will differentiate themselves are not the ones that are counting their pennies right now, but those that are strategic about what they will be two years hence. Companies require confidence and foresight to make new investments during volatile times like these. Companies that make appropriate financial, operational, governance and risk management changes now, will not only be in a better position to maintain cash flow and to effectively weather the current economic storm, but will also have the opportunity to lay the foundation for renewed growth and long term profits when the economy rebounds. The first mover companies are focusing on finding opportunities for improvement in procurement, receivables, and payables.

Outsourcing, at a time like this, is particularly important for multinational companies as it helps consolidate its varied global processes into one unified process for the whole company ensuring standardization across the globe of all its practices – back-office, systems, solutions, processes and operations – to make the company efficient. Needless to say, this has an inherent cost advantage that grows to achieve better profitability. Outsourcing of key operations is a crucial investment smart organizations make to reap downstream benefits over a 5-7 year period.

In the current competitive market scenario, innovative companies are using analytics to optimize their profits and gain competitive advantage. Analyzing past consumer behavior helps companies provide actionable predictions for each customer. These predictions encompass all channels – online and offline, foreseeing which customer will buy, click, respond, convert or cancel. Such predictive analytics helps companies better understand their customers by providing insight based business decision support. The predictions on buying behavior generated by predictive analytics improve response rates, click rates, and customer retention, which in turn, improve profitability for organizations.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing is the fastest growing segment in the outsourcing market as of now and involves outsourcing back office operations and other business processes like customer relationship management, customer call centers, telemarketing, payroll maintenance, finance/accounting management among others to offshore destinations. These are the reasons that companies no matter how big or small they are prefer to outsource their operations and in a frantic pace, they have turned this normal phenomena in to a major hype.

The Business process outsourcing industry is opening up and people are beginning to realize that outsourcing is a win-win situation for everyone and a trend that is as unavoidable as globalization itself.

Business Process Outsourcing includes & a lot more –

  • Back office operations
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Call Centers and telemarketing
  • Tele servicing and product support
  • Payroll maintenance
  • Finance / Accounting/billing
  • Human Resources
  • Logistics Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Medical transcription
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • Legal database maintenance

Organizations are increasingly adopting Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as an integral part of the business strategy to ensure precious internal resources focused on the customer.

We focus on building highly effective business relationships. We construct and Dedicate Source Solutions partnerships to meet our clients’ long term needs and tailor solutions for each client’s unique requirements.

We guarantee cost savings, quality and outcomes giving our clients the space to focus on driving their business forward.

The BPO wave has created plenty of job opportunities in developing countries like India and China. With more and more companies jumping in to the BPO pool, the BPO jobs seem to be ever increasing. Although there is a backlash in the attitudes of people in developed countries like UK and US towards outsourcing and speculations have increased in the time being due to a sluggish economy and job cuts.

Benefits of BPO

  • Increase productivity
  • Cut operational costs
  • Provide better service
  • Save costs
  • Improved accountability

By outsourcing your business processes with Dedicate Source Solutions you can increase your productivity, cut operational costs, provide better customer service, beat competition and in turn concentrate on your main operations by shifting your back office operations to offshore destinations.

Would you like to have business process outsourcing for your business, contact us and request a quote. We will get back to you to understand your needs.

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Can Call Center Consolidation Help the Burgeoning Hospitality Industry?

The bi-annual hotel survey conducted by the Hogg RobinsonGroup (HRG) reveals that the international hotel industry hasshown signs of recovery in the first half of 2010. The surveyfound that a majority of the cities surveyed, although not yetin positive growth, certainly recorded an improvement inperformance. While the industry has begun to show signs ofrecovery, the need for disciplined cost management persists.

As we emerge from the recession, the corporate landscape ofall sectors has been undeniably altered. This holds true forthe hospitality industry as well. With sinking occupanciesduring the downturn, RevPARs (Revenue Per Available Room)and profits, hoteliers who had incurred large debts wereforced into selling. Thus, the hotel industry has witnessed aspate of mergers and acquisitions post-recession. Mid-August,2010, saw Sunstone Hotel Investors acquiring the RoyalPalm, located in Miami Beach, Florida. According to Reuters,CDL Hospitality Trust from Singapore is on the lookout foracquisitions in India, Vietnam and Japan, having set asideover USD 400 million for the same. Reuters also confirmedthat Accor, Europe’s largest hotelier had set aside a war chestof over USD 130 million per year to buy hotels that wereforced to sell as a result of the economic downturn.

Fragmented Call Centers and the Need forConsolidation

While major hotel chains continue to grow their globalfootprint, along with the rooms and facilities, they alsoacquire fragmented reservation centers. Though many believethat ‘localization’ of call centers provides benefits of knowingthe native language and culture, the fact is that it translatesinto a significant cost increase and also affects servicedelivery. Increased infrastructure cost, delays in disasterrecovery, longer turnaround times to deploy new technologiesand processes, lack of standardization, limited labor pools,and inconsistency in service delivery and customer experienceare some of the issues that hoteliers can face withdecentralized call centers.

Further adding to the challenge of consistency in hospitalitycall center operations, is the complexity associated withmanaging diverse ownership structures of their hotels.REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), franchisees,management companies and owned properties often havediffering views and goals of how contact center operationsshould be conducted. However, consolidation andcentralization of fragmented centers remains a key solutionthat can provide economies-of-scale and cost reduction whileimproving performance.

Benefits of Call Center Consolidation

  • Cost Reduction

Centralization of activities in a call center means a significantreduction in real estate cost as investments are in onelocation instead of many. Next, centralized operations meanfewer managers, supervisors, reporting analysts and workforcemanagement analysts. The reduced overhead enables callcenters to bolster the front-line, customer-facing agents.Consolidation invariably means lower salary and costs peremployee at the central site as compared to the averagespend for all the fragmented sites. There is also reduction inequipment costs with fewer telephony systems, computingand networking devices. This means a drop in the cost ofsystem integration. Larger platforms are easier and cheaper tointegrate into customer relationship managementapplications, workforce management applications, networkingand other technologies.

  • Decreased Redundancy

Consolidation eliminates redundancy. With fragmentedcontact centers, there are several departments that aredesigning and working on the same function, such as payroll.A consolidated accounting department translates into creatinga single payroll system across the organization.

  • Increased Staff Efficiency

Along with operational efficiency (consolidating all employeesonto a single e-mail platform, or chat), hotels can benefit fromcentralized training and quality assurance throughconsolidation. For example, one centralized QA and training ofstaff can be deployed instead of separate groups at every site.A large site also enables a higher number of agents to reportto one supervisor when compared to a smaller site.

  • Simplified Technology Implementation

A consolidated call center means that it is easier to test andmaintain new technologies and processes. The center canhave dedicated IT staff, which is not always possible in afragmented set-up.

  • Bulk Discounts

Equipment costs are lower for a consolidated center.Telecom savings are possible as most carriers offer reducedrates for larger volumes. Similarly, there are also reductions inhardware, software and maintenance. Support costs drop astechnical resources are needed at only one site.

  • Spread Organizational Culture

An organization’s culture is a by-product of its people.Increasing levels of diversity in fragmented centers posechallenges of effectively permeating the desired single culturethroughout the organization. Consolidation, on the other hand,ensures that the identity of the organization is consistentthrough all employee levels.

  • Brand Representation

Effective representation of the brand is as important as theculture. And, few can dispute the close relationship betweencustomer service and brand perception. A consolidated callcenter can handle customer service more effectively and thus,succeed in brand positioning.

  • Marketing Effectiveness

Hotel companies constantly launch campaigns and programsto drive increased occupancy, retain customers and earn newones. Communication of the numerous marketing initiatives isproblematic in a fragmented environment, and certainlyrequires more effort. Consolidation enables quicker executionon the targets of the campaigns thus increasing theeffectiveness and ROI.

Models for Call Center Consolidation

Typically multinational corporations have grown on a country-tocountrybasis. The same goes for the hospitality industry, wherecompanies have expanded organically or inorganically, and thishas led to call centers being set up in multiple geographies.Clearly, consolidation is a critical requirement and listed beloware the major models that can be considered.

  • Geographical Consolidation

In this model, all calls are routed to one central location –Pan European, Pan American or Pan Asian. This centrallocation is equipped to handle calls in all native languagesincreasing efficiency.

  • Regional Hubs

This model is along the lines of the previous one, only that itis on a much smaller scale. For instance, setting up a NordicCenter that could handle all the Scandinavian countries.

  • Major and Minor Markets

In this model, larger countries such as U.K., Germany andFrance have their own centers. One call center serves thesmaller countries that have not yet reached critical mass

  • .Country Centers

Depending on the size of the operations of the company,different call centers are retained in every country.Networking techniques enable the sites to be linked togetherto form a larger pool of agents.

  • Follow-the-Sun

In this model, consolidation is on a global basis whereinworldwide centers are selected. Typically, three main locationslike Europe, America and Asia, house these centers. Being indifferent time zones, these centers are able to provide roundthe-clock service by routing calls to the appropriate location.

There is certainly a compelling case for consolidation of callcenters in the hospitality industry. It is sure to achievesignificant operational improvements. Economies-of-scale willimprove both cost and service performance, and this willprovide the much-needed competitive advantage in thecurrent economic scenario. Today, with a variety ofdeployment models and efficient service provider offerings,consolidation of call centers is definitely a practical solutionfor hospitality organizations.


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Staff Leasing Services Towards Profit and Success

Staff leasing services grants the client significant benefits in the form of cost alleviation and performance optimization. Time, money, and manpower is saved by consolidating tasks to the Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO company and the offshore team. Performance optimization is also reached because of the BPO’s capability to intensively oversee the attitude and performance of the offshore team while conducting the project. Indeed, staff leasing services assures the client and his business project much profit and success.

Staff leasing services are service features provided by BPO companies. These services are geared towards the completion of a business project which will be done by the BPO’s employees using the BPO’s resources. Such projects are usually consolidated to staff leasing services when the client is unable to hold local operations due to the cost of the project, employee availability issues, or inability to conduct operations management. Staff leasing services begin when an outsourcing agreement is sealed between the BPO and client. Qualifications such as level of expertise, work experience, and expected salary are taken into consideration when the BPO starts hiring employees. These employees will comprise the offshore team which will work on the client’s business project.

Once finalized, the offshore team initiates operations, taking into consideration procedures, deadlines, and expected production output as dictated by the client. The BPO meanwhile supervises the offshore team in terms of performance assessment and operations management. The client, during all this time, benefits from staff leasing services because he hardly has to lift a finger in order to oversee the operations conducted by the BPO and offshore team. The operations continue until a deadline is reached, or a production quota is fulfilled. At this point, the client is given the choice to derive profit from the immediate results of staff leasing services, or continue operations in order to garner even greater profit.

Leased Employees
The use of leased employees is considered nowadays as a solid path to profit and success while undertaking business endeavors. Third-party companies offer their services all over the internet, advertising their selection of leased employees to prospective clients all over the world.

Business projects nowadays are characterized by highly technical tasks which require a high level of expertise. A common problem for businessmen who manage such projects is the availability of the employees fit for the job. Because the ideal employee is unavailable or unattainable, businessmen are often forced to settle for employees with substandard qualifications. This results in poor performance of the employees when faced with a highly technical task which is beyond their capabilities. The quality of operations and production output is negatively affected because of this predicament. When faced by obstacles like employee availability, businessmen should consider the services of leased employees. The process of selecting and recruiting leased employees is done by a third-party company. These companies also review the leased employees’ job history, qualifications, level of expertise, and terms of employment.

Once an outsourcing agreement between the client and third-party company has been finalized, the third-party company recruits and selects leased employees to commence operations on the client’s business project. A specialized team of offshore employees is created to spearhead the project operations. It is now up to the third-party company to make sure everything runs smoothly according to the client’s plan. The leased employees are equipped with software, hardware, connectivity, and infrastructure capabilities to ensure maximum operations efficiency. The leased employees’ compensations and operations management is handled by the third-party company. This leads to optimization since the client does not have to worry about running the whole show by himself.

The use of leased employees guarantees much profit and success to clients because of huge savings with regards to resources and operations management.