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Infinit-O introduces new offshore outsourcing remedy

Infinit-O introduces new offshore outsourcing remedy

Los Angeles, CA– Infinit Outsourcing (Infinit-O), a leading supplier of outsourcing solutions announced today a brand-new solution called Dedicated Operating Group or ‘DOT’s’ for tiny and medium sized businesses.
Infinit-O is bringing something brand-new to the outsourcing globe, a crossbreed outsourcing model particularly created for little and moderate sized companies. Infinit-O develops and also keeps ‘virtual workers’ in self-supporting Devoted Operating Teams (DOT’s) for customers.
Customers have full control of the daily procedures whilst Infinit-O’s team of skilled outsourcing specialists apply not just the established up phase yet also take care of all the assistance functions such as HR, IT and Administration.
This allows clients to quickly gain the advantages of running their own internal offshore procedures without the expenses and also dangers of doing it themselves.
” Infinit-O comprehends that there are still business that are unconvinced in outsourcing components of their service for legitimate factors, as a result, we are offering these companies the liberty to handle their own virtual employees via DOT’s.” stated Manolo Aquino, Founder of Infinit-O
” 80% of companies understand the academic benefits of outsourcing but the major obstacle today is how to establish the shipment capacities in a regulated, scalable and affordable fashion. Having a neighborhood partner in the overseas location with over two decades experience in complex outsourced options provides a level of comfort that enables them to swiftly recognize the full advantages of outsourcing in an expense efficient as well as controlled way”, described Richard Eldridge, Co-Founder of Infinit-O.
Infinit-O is a leading BPO firm with workplaces in the United States, UK and also Philippines giving back office outsourcing solutions and also knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) services in the economic services and also health care industries.

The company supplies premium quality outsourcing services with a very inspired and also seasoned group, a capacity to optimize service processes, accessibility to economical and also cutting-edge modern technology, all delivered from very secured workplace.

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Models of Offshore Outsourcing

Models of Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing is simply defined as outsourcing to outside countries. Some people may think that the process of offshore outsourcing is a walk in the park producing large sums of profits. This notion however is erroneous. It takes a lot of work and initiative to make offshore outsourcing work and produce desirable results. It involves choosing the right model of offshore outsourcing that would fit a particular business need or situation.

Choosing the right model of offshore outsourcing is a very critical phase that companies undergo. Any decision made can either make or break their business options offshore. Making the decision on what model to choose involves aspect of selecting which country, economic conditions of a country, international business strategy, and outsourcing strategy.

There are currently three models of offshore outsourcing that are popular among businesses. These three are outsourcing to a service provider, joint ventures and subsidiaries.

Outsourcing To A Service Provider

Outsourcing to a service provider is the most evident offshore outsourcing model. It has a lot of coverage that range from small projects to multi-year contracts that amount to millions of dollars.

The simplest form of outsourcing to a service provider is onsite subcontracting. In this form, a company assigns its skilled personnel directly at the client’s site. The people assigned will then become part of the client’s team. This form of offshore outsourcing is perhaps the simplest and is commonly used by small organizations that are tied with the client company.

Another form of outsourcing a service provider is pure offshore projects. In this form, the scope of the functions is properly defined and work can be done remotely that requires little to no supervision. A good example of this is assigning work to small organizations or even to individuals, freelancers as they are commonly called. With the help of online tools, projects can easily be sent and received by hired firms or individuals all over the world.

Offshore outsourcing individual projects is another form wherein a certain function is subdivided into smaller chunks to be outsourced to vendor companies. This is usually assigned to vendors with whom the company has close ties with.

Joint Venture Offshore Model

In this model of offshore outsourcing, one organization establishes a relationship with a local company wherein both companies contribute to their resources. The main purpose of this goal is “I lend you my strength and you lend me yours.” This creates a win-win situation wherein both companies can gain something from the tie up. With this kind of setup, the client organization will be able to minimize the risks of offshore outsourcing while on the other hand the local firm is given the opportunity to work with a large company scaling up their value chain.

The joint venture offshore model is sometimes considered as the stepping stone of the client organization to move on to the next offshore outsourcing model which is the subsidiary offshore model.

Subsidiary Offshore Model

From the joint venture model, a company may transcend to the subsidiary offshore model. However, it is also possible for the client company to move directly with the subsidiary offshore model without passing through the joint venture model given that they have enough confidence and are comfortable with tackling the local market. The most challenging part in this kind of offshore outsourcing model is the general management of the onsite units especially the staff.


Offshore outsourcing is not as easy as some people may think it is. It needs thorough planning as well as making the right decisions. This includes choosing the right offshore outsourcing model that your company needs. It is even possible that a hybridization of the models is needed just to suit the needs of your organization. So plan well and choose well.

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Do not restrict your understanding of outsourcing and transmigration of services to only offshore outsourcing method for India: learn more about international outsourcing fads from specialists in different fields of organisation by participating in the summertime UK workshop!

The Gartner Outsourcing Summit to be held in between 2nd and also 4th of June, 2008 at the Royal Lancaster Resort, London, UK is an excellent chance to learn concerning which services have actually achieved success in outsourcing various operations and which are the most effective overseas outsourcing provider– as well as techniques made use of for successful management and optimization of projects embarked on. With eminent speakers going to these summits, the seminars and sector associated details bank for possible company owner planning to avail advantages of wise option of overseas outsourcing approach for India suppliers, increases significantly as selections grow for them.

A great deal greater than cost-cuts, offshore outsourcing method for India supplies countless benefits for the abroad company owner! Improved flexibility and also profitability are added benefits to picking the appropriate overseas outsourcing method for India firm to supply solid understanding of outsourcing as well as smart administration of every facet of a specialized business alternative. Besides enlightening clients on the newest fads in outsourcing and also company monitoring from remote places and expansion to newer client bases, selecting a competent overseas outsourcing technique for India carrier likewise provides to the client the benefits of a company design that is distinct to his service demands, whether he opts to go into an onsite, off-site or offshore setup.

Established in 2001 as well as with workplaces in US and India, is a favored service provider of all administration consulting requires any type of company may have for professionally leveraging as well as implementing excellent quality solution offshore outsourcing for India distribution versions.